Terms & Conditions


Notes: Our legal business name is Racing at Awapuni and Trentham Combined Enterprise Incorporated t/a RACE Inc 

Any pricing for membership, hospitality options or functions either on this site or wellingtonracing.co.nz or awapuniracing.co.nz are always specified in NZ Dollars (NZD) .

Annual Memberships: The membership season is from 1 August to 31 July the following year. 

Membership Cancellation: The membership period is for 12 months. You may cancel at any time by emailing accounts@raceinc.co.nz.  Please note that we do not offer refunds

Conditions of Ticketing and Entry to Awapuni 

1. Tickets to the Course are issued by RACE Inc & or their ticketing agent. By entering the Course or receiving a ticket for entry to the Course, you are deemed to have accepted, and understood as binding on you, these conditions and any accompanying risks, obligations and responsibilities. It is your responsibility to read and inform yourself of these conditions. 

2. If you enter the Course, there is a possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage or loss, and you need to be aware that such risks exist. The risks associated with entry to the Course include, but are not limited to, the risk of suffering injury, harm or loss as a result of: temporary structures (such as umbrellas, marquees and gazebos), parts thereof or other debris being dislodged by wind coming into contact with persons, vehicles or structures; incidents involving movement of horses (such as where horses jump or breach fences, railings, barriers or break free – whether being led or ridden or in their stalls – and come into contact with persons, vehicles or structures) or vehicles; or harmful acts (whether intentional or inadvertent) committed by persons (such as intoxicated persons) present at the Course. 

3. Some areas of the Course are exposed to weather, including direct sunlight and heat, hail, rain and wind. RACE Inc. does not guarantee that there will be sufficient room for you to obtain shelter from such weather.

4. Whilst at the Course, you are responsible for your own property. You must not leave bags or possessions unattended at any time. There are no cloaking facilities at the Course for items which are not permitted to be brought into the Course.

5. If you breach these conditions, or RACE Inc. (with reasonable cause) so directs, you may: be refused entry to the Course; be evicted from the Course; have your ticket confiscated or cancelled without refund; or be reported to an appropriate law enforcement body. This clause does not limit the right available to RACE Inc. under these conditions or otherwise at law. 

6. You must comply with any reasonable directions given to by RACE Inc. or a person authorised by RACE Inc. may at any time, inspect any vehicle, bag, basket or other receptacle or require you to turn out your pockets. 

7. If you become aware of any incidents, matters or circumstances in contravention of these conditions, or if you have any issues that you wish to bring to RACE Inc.’s attention, you may call Awapuni on (06) 356 4940. You should do this as soon as possible so as to assist RACE Inc. to provide you with a helpful response. 

8. The schedule for an Event (whether published or otherwise) and its proposed format are only provisional and subject to change due to adverse weather conditions or other reasons. RACE Inc. reserves the right to cancel, postpone or relocate Events, change which participants are in an Event or the format of or any other element of an Event or which Events take place on a particular day or the schedule of Events for that day, or arrange a substitute Event. There is no guarantee of viewing any planned participant in an Event or of viewing any particular Event. Subject to any right of a refund or exchange under clause 5 below, RACE Inc. is not liable to you for any losses, costs or damage you suffer or incur as a result of any cancellation, postponement or relocation of an Event, any changes as to which participants are in an Event or in the format of or any other element of an Event or as to which Events take place on a particular day or in the schedule of Events for that day, or the arrangement of a substitute Event.


1. You acknowledge that RACE Inc. and third parties authorised by RACE Inc. may photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce the image and / or voice of any person who enters the Course and use the same for any purposes (including promotional) without payment to any person 


1. RACE Inc. makes no representation or guarantee that there is space available in any particular viewing area within the Course, or that there will be space in any viewing area to allow you to view any particular Event.

2. Tickets to the Course must not, without prior written consent of RACE Inc., be offered for resale (by any means), resold or packaged or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes. If a ticket has been sold or used in breach of these conditions, the bearer of the ticket may be denied admission, and other action may be taken, without refund.

3. If you obtained your ticket other than from RACE Inc. or an authorised ticket agency or reseller, your ticket may be counterfeit, or which has been reported lost or stolen, you may be refused entry. RACE Inc. is not obligated to replace tickets under any circumstances, including (but not limited to) loss or theft. RACE Inc. reserved the right, however, to replace a ticket which has been lost or stolen and charge a fee for that replacement, at its sole discretion.

4. If you are requested by RACE Inc., or a person authorised by RACE Inc., you must produce your ticket for inspection. Tickets which are unreadable due to mutilation or damage of any kind may not be accepted. Should you fail to produce your ticket, RACE Inc. retains the right to remove you from the Course.

5. Ticketing will be issued once payment is received in full. It is the responsibility of the guest to advise Awapuni Racing Centre of any specific dietary requirements in advance of the event day.

6. No refunds will be offered unless the race day is abandoned in its entirety.

In the case of abandonment or postponement:
Full abandonment prior or postponement to raceday- Full refund.
Full abandonment prior to hospitality opening on raceday- Full refund. No hospitality provided.*
Partial abandonment of raceday (after Race 1)- Hospitality will continue. No refund.
*Note that there may be the option to maintain hospitality and event as planned apart from the on-course racing with no refund. This includes running the event as a “phantom meeting”.

7. If a raceday is cancelled, or run as a closed meeting, due to government guidelines surrounding Covid-19, a full refund will be made to hospitality bookings only. This will not include booking and transaction fees.  This does not apply for general admission and member for a day ticket(s).

8. In the event of inclement weather or should bookings for a hospitality package not reach minimum required numbers (determined by RACE Inc). RACE Inc reserve the right to relocate the hospitality package for the eventday. All booked guests will be notified in advance of any change. 

9.  In the event of any abandonment or postponement the liability of Awapuni Racing Centre shall be limited to any applicable refund entitlement.

Covid 19 - Specific Conditions of entry: 

1. If the New Zealand Government makes any changes to legislation about event requirements, RACE Inc. will change the event format and requirements to be in line with the law.

2. If the Raceday cannot be held as planned on the originally scheduled date due to a pandemic or epidemic event, including COVID-19 and including as a result of a Government notice, regulation, law or guidance affecting the operation of the Raceday, limiting the number of attendees at Raceday, or affecting the operation of any event, performance, or other activities at the Raceday, then RACE Inc., will use best efforts to reschedule the Raceday and all tickets will be transferred to the rescheduled date.  If RACE Inc.,  cannot reschedule the Raceday then Race Inc., will cancel the Raceday and you will be entitled to a refund of the price you have paid for the ticket(s) plus booking fee.

3. RACE Inc., requires all attendees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Ticket holders who have not received both vaccinations or do not have a valid Covid My Vaccine Pass will be declined entry to the course. 

4. If you have tickets purchased and are unable to use these due to clause 3, no refunds will be issued. Do not purchase a ticket if you can not reach this requirement as no refunds will be given. 


Course Conditions:

1. While present at the Course, you must comply with all relevant laws and any published policies of RACE Inc. relating to liquor.

2. If you bring children into the Course, you are responsible for the care, conduct and supervision of those children at all times. You are responsible for any acts or omissions committed by children whom you have brought to the Course.

3. You must not, without the express authorisation of RACE Inc., enter the racetrack itself or stalls or any area where the movement of horses occur or any area of the Course where persons including ticket holders are prohibited to enter (as indicated by fencing, cordons, locked doors, signage or otherwise). If you do so you may be expelled from the Course, banned from attending the Course in the future and subject to legal action.

4. For the comfort and safety of persons at the Course, you are not permitted to bring into the Course (or have in your possession at the Course) any of the following without consent: alcoholic beverages on any day; any structure or item larger than 3m x 3m (management reserves the right to restrict placement at their discretion) ; any dangerous goods or weapons; any animals (other than, if the person is deaf, blind or otherwise suffering a disability, a guide dog or under pre-arranged special circumstances); any flags, banners or other bearing the logo of any other than our appointed sponsors. These will be confiscated at admission or at the site of erection.; any item that you intend (or such quantities of the item from which RACE Inc. can reasonably infer that you intend) to distribute, hawk, sell, offer or expose for sale; any object, device or substance that may be used to deface or damage any part of the Course

5. Unless authorised beforehand by RACE Inc. in writing, you must not, while at the Course: post, stick or place or attempt to post, stick or place any poster, placard, bill, banner, print, paper or any advertising material on any building, fence or other structure; distribute any printed or visual matter or distribute, display or promote any advertising or promotional material or samples of goods or services; distribute, hawk, sell, offer or expose for sale any goods or services or solicit or collect subscriptions, donations, money or orders from persons present at the Course; throw or attempt to throw any bottle or other projectile; disrupt, interrupt or behave in any matter that may disrupt or interrupt any Event, distract, hinder or interfere with a participant in an Event or interfere with the comfort of other persons at the Course

6. RACE Inc. or persons authorised by RACE Inc. may, in their sole discretion, prevent you from entering the Course or evict you from the Course, if RACE Inc. or persons authorised by RACE Inc. reasonably believe that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You agree that this clause does not obligate RACE Inc. to undertake any monitoring or compliance methods to ensure that persons present at the Course are not intoxicated, and RACE Inc. will not be responsible for the conduct of intoxicated persons who are present at the Course, or persons who become intoxicated at the Course, nor for any damage or injury caused by such persons. This clause does not seek to exclude any legal responsibilities that RACE Inc. or persons authorised by RACE Inc. may have in relation to the responsible service of alcohol at the Course.


Members Draw Terms and Conditions

1. The members draw will be for a Cash prize specified by the Club should the member successfully select 4 winners on the Raceday subject to the following Term’s and Conditions.
2. Members must scan or sign in in on arrival at the course to be eligible to enter.
3. Winning Member drawn after a specified race (ie Race 2.)
4. Confirmation of Identity required.
5. Member must make selections on 4 of the Races Chosen only.
6. Races chosen are final, the member must choose 4 selections out of the selected races. Decision on Races and the number of is the sole responsibility of the Club.
7. The 4 winners must be finalised 15 minutes before the first chosen race.
8. There can be no change to the selections once finalised.
9. If any of the members selections are late scratched after finalisation the return will be subject to the following calculation – Cash Return/ Late Scratching Price.
10. If any Non Selected Late Scratching’s occur after finalisation of Selections in any race, this will result in a reduction of final cash prize by the following Calculation - 80/ (RBP x Odds) – See note 1
11. Dead Heats will result in a reduction of final Cash Prize by 50% for each Dead Heat occurrence.
12. In the case of a full Abandonment before the any of the selected events the member will receive $250, in a partial abandonment the member will receive a collect via the following formula ( $(Club nominated prize value) /the price of selection of any abandoned races)

Note 1
The nearest whole number percentage, using Swiss Rounding, obtained by Dividing 80 by the product of the number of RBPs multiplied by the Odds for the Race Entrant at the time it was scratched from a Race, provided the Odds are less than or equal to Maximum Deduction Odds = 80/(RBPs x Odds) (Rounded to nearest whole number).
Maximum Deduction Odds shall be $35.00
Example: Where a Race Entrant paying $5.00 to Win and $1.33 for a place (3 RBPs) is Scratched, the Return on successful Final Field Win Bets placed prior to that Scratching will be subject to a deduction of 16% (80/(1x5)).
Successful Final Field Place Bets will be subject to a deduction of 20% (80/(3x1.33)).

Raceday Punters Club

1. In purchasing this ticket, the purchaser appoints the organiser as agent to place the purchaser’s bets. The proceeds of the sale of the ticket remain the property of the purchaser to be applied for such purpose and it is expressly recorded that no fee or commission will be paid out of the proceeds of ticket sales or dividends or from any source to any organiser or selector. 
2. All tickets must be purchased before the start of the first race in which a bet is to be placed. 
3. Purchasers of tickets do not have to be on course and tickets may be purchased beforehand from the office of the organiser. 
4. The purchaser directs the organiser to place bets in accordance with the directions and decisions of the guest selector or panel of selectors attending the race meeting and acknowledges that the selections and decisions of the selector or panel of selectors shall be final. 
5. The amount to be bet on any race will be at the discretion of the selectors/s and may included the total pool from ticket sales and from accrued winnings. It shall not be obligatory for the organiser to place bets for the purchaser but any bets placed shall be as agent only and can only be placed by the organiser. 
6. Bets will be notified via the on-course loudspeaker system prior to the running of each race in which bets are made and where possible via the appropriate web page on the Club website. 
7. At the conclusion of the race day the amount (if any) remaining in the pool will be distributed to the purchasers of tickets in proportion to the number of units held. To receive payment the ticket or tickets must be produced. Any tickets not collected within 3 months of the raceday are null and void. 
8. Funds not collected at the conclusion of a race day cannot automatically be reinvested for another race day. 
9. No ticket can be purchased by a person under 18 years of age and no person may purchase a ticket on behalf of a person under 18 years of age. 
10. The ticket is only valid for the race day specified on the ticket.